6500 New Donors puts Marine & Doctor over 1.1 million raised in 2021

McCormick posts massive 600k Q3 haul

Marine helicopter pilot and Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Rich McCormick has gained national appeal in his bid for Congress. Attracting more than 6,500 new donors nationally. McCormick raised an astounding $600,000 in the third quarter which ended September 30. McCormick has now raised more than $1.1 million for his Georgia Congressional bid.

Already a top tier fundraiser in the second quarter of 2022, McCormick’s haul is expected to land him as a leader, nationally for Republican challengers. “Republican voters are tired of Nancy Pelosi’s reign of terror and are lining up behind Dr. McCormick as one of the GOP’s premiere candidates to help retake the House,” said McCormick Campaign Manager, Al Chaul.

“Dr. McCormick embraces his role as a Republican majority maker and is building a war chest and rolodex of donors to take all challengers that stand in the way of delivering a Republican House of Representatives in 2022,” added Chaul.