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Archives Bourdeaux Ad Rewrites History September 22, 2020

Told Voters Her Hands Were Tied on Great Recession Budgets She Now Takes Credit for Drafting In her first advertisement for the 2020 general election, Carolyn Bourdeaux has already been caught lying to voters. In that spot, Bourdeaux claims she “brought together both parties to balance Georgia’s budget.” Sadly, that claim just isn’t true according to her own words.    …Read More

McCormick Releases First Ad for November Election September 18, 2020

Spot Showcases Dr. McCormick’s Service and Commitment to Community and Family Republican Nominee for the Seventh Congressional District, Dr. Rich McCormick has released his first television advertisement, “Present.” The thirty second spot features oncologist Dr. Debra Miller-McCormick, Rich’s wife who highlights Rich’s service and commitment to community and family. “Rich is an excellent doctor but an even better father and …Read More

Bloomberg Backed Anti-Gun PAC to Bailout Bourdeaux September 17, 2020

Gun Grabber Support Comes Days After Claim No Billionaires Help Democrats In a Zoom meeting from her campaign headquarters basement on Friday, Carolyn Bourdeaux made the laughable claim that, “the Democrats we just don’t have, we don’t have billionaires,” to support their candidates. Just days later, presidential spendthrift and gun grabbing billionaire Michael Bloomberg is coming to her rescue with his Super PAC Everytown …Read More

Profe$$or Bourdeaux Made Six Figures Teaching One Class September 14, 2020

Democrat Nominee for Congress was Paid $3350 per Hour to Teach in 2016 On her campaign website, Seventh District Democrat Nominee and Georgia State University Professor, Carolyn Bourdeaux proclaims: “Higher education is a key to economic success but is out of reach for far too many…” Now, as a professor at Georgia State University, Carolyn sees the struggle too many of her …Read More

McCormick Announces Veterans Coalition September 10, 2020

Iraq and Afghanistan War Fighters Endorse McCormick on Eve of 9/11 Nineteen years ago, “our nation saw evil — the very worst of human nature — and we responded with the best of America.” The very best of America includes many of Georgia’s finest young men and women who volunteered to fight terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, those veterans …Read More

Bourdeaux’s Big Bucks: Democrat Nominee Has Made Millions from Taxpayers September 2, 2020

Worked for Government Her Entire Career but Net Worth Over $3.1 Million Carolyn Bourdeaux’s online resume from Georgia State University showcases her career working for liberal Democrats like Jim Olin (D-VA) Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and highlights her experience as an ivory tower college professor, but it does not offer any clues on how she …Read More