Seventh District Women Back Rich McCormick

100+ Female Leaders Rally Behind Marine Pilot and ER Doctor

More than 100 women leaders in Georgia’s Seventh Congressional District are lending their support to Republican nominee, Dr. Rich McCormick. The leaders include several county commissioners, state representatives and Georgia’s Republican National Committeewoman.

“My opponent wants voters to believe the Republican Party ‘has repeatedly shown profound disrespect for women’ forgetting that the GOP is led by a woman and Republican women were the primary force behind the women’s suffrage movement and the passage of the 19th Amendment,” said Dr. McCormick. “I am proud so many strong, female Republican leaders have lent their name in support of my candidacy and against politics of division perpetrated by the left.”

“Women are rallying behind Dr. McCormick because he puts people over politics and Rich has demonstrated time and again that his first priority is serving his community, said Duluth Mayor Nancy Harris. “Carolyn Bourdeaux believes women are single-issue voters and that’s condescending. To me, a history of selfless service is more important than a candidate’s gender,” added Forsyth County Commissioner Laura Semanson.

The 110 women leaders lending their name in support of Dr. McCormick include:

Judi Bailey
Susan Caudill
Anna Chaul
Chelsey Clark
Courtney Clark
Jenny Clark
Sarah Coleman
Judy Craft
Heather Dalton
Kristen Dornbracht
Wendy Doyle
Lourdes Garcia
Kelly Guthrie
Lissa Guthrie
Evan Hanson
Diane Harrell
Anna Harris
Cynthia Hedzick
Meredith Hilton
Soo Hong
Jonna Long
Kathleen May
Erica McCurdy
Dr. Debra Miller
Lauren Miller
Donna Najjar
Debra Oglesby
Chunghee Park
Judy Quigley
Peggy Slappey
Laurie Sobh
Abigail Evelyn Torres
Lindsey Williams
Janice Zhang
Gaye Shook
Dani Madda
Daelen Lowry
Lisa Crowell
Kendall Chamberlain
Melissa Chamberlain

Suzanne Swain
Susan Anderson
Sue Madda
Karen Lawing
Sara Salsbury
Julie Rodriguez
Sherry Pritchett
Sally Musick
Karen LaBarr
Kathryn Buffington
Jodi Fallowfield
Surrea Ivy
Bonnie Surowiec
Myra Creed
Lois Schulz
Lisa Stapp
Tina Hoffer
Susan Albright
Stacy Ridings
Seanie Zappendorf
Laura Semanson
Carolyn Fisher
Ginger Howard
Diane Davis
Teri Sasseville
Debbie Cohran
Kaye Trine
Daneen Campbell
Terri Wical
Margie Caroll
Lydia Yarid
Lynn Larrazabal
Elizabeth Singleton
Sylvia Dickinson
Dr. Leela Maxa
Kathy Wrba
Regan Brands
Shannon Jones
Nancy Guthrie
Isabella Long

Monique Parreira
Michelle Novotny
Adriana Ledon
Molly Harris
Ashely Maxa
Kay Godwin
Pat Tippet
State Rep. Bonnie Rich
Lisa Babbage
Marni Potvin
Christa Brockway
Donna Lewis
Rosalie Parks
Patty Hilliard
Judy Crawford
Melanie Caceres
Judy White
Becky Cook
Jackie Scott
Jackie Hart
Judy Hall
Frances Rice
Tammy Smith
Helen Brier
Patty Palmquist
Sandra Zanni
Dr. Latisha Bilbrew
Ellie McDonald
Commissioner Molly Cooper
Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills
Hayden Dixon
Julianne Thompson