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Archives McCormick Adds Black and Hispanic Voices for Rich to American Dream Coalition October 26, 2020

SUWANEE, GA – Rich McCormick for Congress has further expanded its American Dream Coalition with the addition of Black and Hispanic Voices for Rich. The coalition co-chaired by Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez, Gwinnett County’s first Hispanic mayor and Lisa Babbage, former candidate for Republican nomination in the Seventh District. “Dr. McCormick is a testament to the American Dream. As the …Read More

Billionaires Bankrolling Bourdeaux Latest Disclosure Shows October 21, 2020

SUWANEE, GA – Just a month ago, Seventh District Democrat nominee, Carolyn Bourdeaux made the laughable claim that, “the Democrats we just don’t have, we don’t have billionaires,” to support their candidates. Apparently that outrageous statement didn’t fall on deaf (or broke) ears as nearly half a dozen billionaires gave the maximum allowable contribution to Bourdeaux in the third quarter …Read More

Bourdeaux Endorsed by Radical Groups Advocating Defunding Police October 13, 2020

Carolyn Bourdeaux proudly touts endorsements from far-left organizations such as the American Federation of Government Employees, Planned Parenthood and NARAL, all of whom have explicitly advocated for defunding Seventh District police departments.  Planned Parenthood, a group that has injected $41,224 into Bourdeaux’s campaign through its various affiliates, stated in July that it “stands with the Movement for Black Lives’ call to defund the police.” NARAL – which formally endorsed …Read More

Health Care Heroes Endorse Dr. Rich McCormick October 13, 2020

Bipartisan Group of Health Care Workers from the Seventh District Pick Rich More than 100 doctors and nurses living and working in the Seventh Congressional District today pledged their support for Dr. Rich McCormick for Congress.  The Health Care Heroes Coalition announced by McCormick includes 97 physicians, 22 nurses and medical technicians from a variety of medical specialties. Notable clinicians leading …Read More

Carolyn Bourdeaux Advocates for Rationed Care and Treatment Waitlists in Seventh District Debate October 8, 2020

SUWANEE, GA – “Every developed country in the world has untangled health care and has, candidly, a better health care system than we do,” Carolyn Bourdeaux proclaimed in the first debate between candidates for Georgia’s Seventh Congressional District. Apparently unaware of the catastrophic wait times and rationed care in countries with “untangled health care” (bureaucrat speak for socialized medicine). The …Read More

McCormick Expands American Dream Coalition with Asian American Supporters October 8, 2020

SUWANEE, GA – Expanding on the recently announced American Dream Coalition, Dr. Rich McCormick has announced the names of Asian American leaders supporting his bid for Congress. The American Dream Coalition is composed of the diverse immigrant populations that make up Georgia’s Seventh District. The 48 Asian Americans join 44 Indian Americans that launched the coalition last week. “The diversity …Read More