One Year Later, Dr. Rich McCormick Reflects On The Fall of Kabul

Today marks the one-year anniversary of America’s hasty and ill-advised withdrawal from Afghanistan. Considering this solemn occasion, Marine Pilot and Emergency Room Doctor Rich McCormick issued the following statement:

“The fall of Kabul was a gut punch to every person who served in Afghanistan. We sacrificed our lives and pledged our commitment to friends and allies only to cut bait and hand control back over to the Taliban. This botched withdrawal exposed President Joe Biden and his Administration as inept and weak. Our failed foreign policy led to the deaths of 13 American service members and many more both at home and abroad.”

“One year later, we are reminded of what’s at stake this November. To Revive Freedom and Save America, we must restore our strength and regain confidence on the global stage. We need leaders who can confidently and competently lead. We must rebuild a highly trained and appropriately resourced military to successfully – and quickly – complete any mission. 

“As we work to make bold reforms in Washington, we remain committed to show love and friendship to those who need it the most. We pray for the families who mourn and stand with our veterans who are struggling to cope. While this Administration continues to disregard the sacrifices made by so many, we will continue to salute and honor all of the patriots who served.”

Dr. McCormick is the Republican nominee for Congress in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. He is encouraging all of his fellow veterans to dial “988” – the Suicide and Crisis Hotline – if they need help or assistance.