Congressman Rich McCormick to Run in Georgia’s New 7th District

After U.S. District Court Judge Steve Jones approved Georgia’s newly drawn congressional maps, Congressman Rich McCormick, who currently represents the 6th Congressional District, announced he will run in the newly drawn 7th Congressional District, which includes nearly 75% of his current constituency. 

“Serving my friends and neighbors in the United States Congress has been the honor of a lifetime,” said Dr. McCormick. “From providing unmatched constituent services to championing legislation that tackles the pressing challenges we face, I have worked around the clock to put service over self and people over politics.

“Now, with the newly approved congressional districts, it’s abundantly clear that running in the 7th Congressional District, which includes a vast majority of my current constituency, is the best way to ensure that citizens throughout our community have solid, trusted representation in Washington.

“While proud of what we have accomplished in less than one year, there’s still more work to be done to get our country back on track. I am humbly asking for voters in GA-7 to keep me fighting in Congress for smaller government, less regulations, more accountability, stronger borders, safer streets, and the protection of the rights and values we hold dear.

“With your vote of confidence I am certain that we will protect our majority and take back the White House. Together, we will Revive Freedom and Save America!”