Dr. Rich McCormick Announces Women for McCormick Coalition

Over 100 women endorse Marine Pilot and Emergency Room Doctor Rich McCormick for Congress

Today, Dr. Rich McCormick’s campaign announced a new coalition ahead of the Republican Primary on May 24, 2022. ‘Women for McCormick’, which includes over 100 local conservatives, will work around the clock to secure victory at the ballot box for the Marine Pilot and Emergency Room Doctor.

“Support for Dr. McCormick and his campaign for Congress continues to grow,” said Al Chaul, Campaign Manager. “Members of the ‘Women for McCormick’ coalition know that Rich will stop the disastrous and dangerous Biden/Pelosi agenda that’s threatening the safety of our families and communities. They trust Dr. McCormick to fix the sputtering economy, secure our vulnerable elections, lockdown the broken border, and revive freedom in our country.”

Women for McCormick

Dr. Madhu Adulla
Swati Agarwal
Susan Albright
Dr. Susan Anderson
Brook Arlotta
Carla Armstrong
Leslie Armstrong
Martha Ashworth
Meredith Austin
Pamela Bell
Judy Biggs
Robin Blizzard
Wendy Brant
Daneen Campbell
Nicole Capaldi
Margie Carroll
Ann Casas
Lori Ciminelli
Jenny Clark
Debbie Cochran
Sarah Coleman
Libby Colon
Camilla Comerford
Judy Craft
Lisa Crowell
Savitha Danabalan
Amanda Daniels
Poonam Datta
Laura Davis
Jenn Discher
Wendy Doyle
Diane Earnest
Peggy Emmelhainz
Dr. Syamala Erramilli
Danialle Evans
Linda Ferrin
Kim Finke
Krista Frost
Latha Gaddam
Kim Finke

Jessica Gaines
Madhavi Gangasani
Sheri Gilligan
Jeannie Goodbub
Allison Grace
Trenise Grill
Michele Hall
Andrea Harris
Lizzie Harris
Kelly Hayes
Sheri Hays
Kathy Hildebrand
Meredith Hilton
Shelia Jones
Dr. Arati Joshi
Nicole Kantzavelos
Radha Khaitan
Marilyn Krone
Karen Labarr
Dani Madda
Sue Madda
Susie Madda
Cherylen Maier
Kelli Marlow
Gaye Maughon
Ashleigh Maxa Dr. Leila Maxa
Kathleen May
Erica McCurdy
Dr. Debra Miller
Lauren Miller
Olivia Mitrovich
Omshanti Mocherla
Virginia Moody
Melissa Munhall
Sally Musick
Donna Najjar
Cindiella Nixon
Nancy Nixon
Karmin Pace

Rosalie Parks
Faith Pescatore
Sherry Pritchett
Judi Quigley
Ada Robayna
Donna Roberts
Tracie Roberts
Julie Rodriguez
Sherry Roedl
Donna Rowe
Bonnie Sale
Cindy Schmidt
Laura Semanson
Anne Simpson
Julie Singleton
Peggy Slappey
Claire Smith
Libby Smith
Catherine Summers
Madelyn Summers
Bonnie Surowiec
Suzanne Swain
Shobha Swamy
Ellen Sweatt
Roseline Swestinah
Phyllis Tatgenhorst
Holly Terei
Marcia Tewes
Julianne Thompson
Kaye Trine
Flo Valdes
Judy Vandenbergh
Nancy Vizuete-Herrington
Tina Vliet
Ellen Weggener
Deanie Whaley
Judy White
Lindsey Williams
Karen Wilmer
Marshalla Yadav

In the latest poll, McCormick has a 22-point lead in the race to represent Georgia’s 6th District in Congress.  He is proudly endorsed by The Club for Growth PAC, Americans for Prosperity Action, Frontline Patriots PAC, SEAL PAC, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, and numerous members of Congress including President Trump’s doctor, Congressman Ronny Jackson, and Congressman Burgess Owens.