Dr. Rich McCormick Applauds Supreme Court’s Draft Majority Opinion Overturning Roe V. Wade

Marine Pilot and Pro-Life Emergency Room Doctor Praises President Donald J. Trump, SCOTUS Appointments

In response to a draft majority opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court that announces the High Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade, Marine Pilot and pro-life Emergency Room Doctor Rich McCormick issued the following statement:

“As a doctor, Christian, and father of seven, I know without a doubt that life begins at conception. That’s why I have boldly championed pro-life legislation as a private citizen and candidate for public office. All life has value and must be protected at all costs.

“If reports today are true and the Supreme Court is poised to strike down the most barbaric law in U.S. history, there’s no doubt that President Donald J. Trump’s legacy will be securing a rock-solid, conservative Supreme Court majority, which resulted in the protection of millions of innocent, unborn children in the United States.

“Today, we celebrate this encouraging news and President Trump’s bold leadership. We also prepare for the fight to come, as left-wing radicals map out their plans to undermine the Court’s ruling and once again legalize the murder of innocent babies in America.”

Dr. Rich McCormick is proudly endorsed by The Club for Growth PAC, Americans for Prosperity Action, Frontline Patriots PAC, SEAL PAC, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and numerous members of Congress including President Trump’s doctor, Congressman Ronny Jackson, and Congressman Burgess Owens. McCormick is “Certified Pro-Life” by Georgia Life Alliance (GLA).