Dr. Rich McCormick Signs The Police Pledge, Opponent Who Pushed to Defund the Police Refuses

Marine Pilot and Emergency Room Doctor Proudly Backs The Blue While, Activist Lawyer With Anti-LEO Record Fails to Show Support 

SUWANEE, Ga – Marine Pilot and Emergency Room physician, Dr. Rich McCormick, re-affirmed his strong support of law enforcement by signing The Police Pledge Heritage Action for America. Sadly, his woke opponent, Jake Evans, who penned a 23-page manifesto that called for “reallocating public funding from the criminal justice system to the public educational system” has refused to follow suit. 

“Every day, our men and women in uniform sacrifice their lives for our safety,” said Dr. McCormick. “I am proud to Back The Blue and signed The Police Pledge to publicly show my support for law enforcement and the work they do in communities throughout the 6th Congressional District.

“It’s not surprising though that my woke opponent refuses to follow my lead. Not but a few years ago, as a practicing attorney, Fake Jake Evans, wrote an incredibly disturbing manifesto that claims “whites” and the criminal justice system are racist. Even worse, he echoed calls from the radical left to Defund the Police.

“I urge Jake to publicly denounce his racist, anti-police writings, apologize to our men and women in uniform, and then stand with me in support of law enforcement by signing the pledge. Our LEOs need all of our support as they battle the lawlessness created by Joe Biden’s failed leadership and Nancy Pelosi’s woke agenda.”

Dr. McCormick was the top vote getter in the May 24th Republican Primary. He is proudly endorsed by The Club for Growth PAC, Americans for Prosperity Action, Frontline Patriots PAC, SEAL PAC, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and numerous members of Congress including President Trump’s doctor, Congressman Ronny Jackson, and Congressman Burgess Owens. McCormick is “Certified Pro-Life” by Georgia Life Alliance (GLA).