Activist Lawyer Jake Evans Pays For Fake News Stories To Combat His Woke Manifesto Problem

FEC, Vendor Filings Prove That Evans Launched Online Disinformation Campaign, Ignored Campaign Finance Rules 

Activist lawyer and fake conservative, Jake Evans, will do anything to make his 23-page, woke manifesto disappear. First, he threatened legal action against McCormick for Congress and now Evans is paying for fake news stories online to explain away his radical beliefs.

Last week, as pressure mounted for Evans to respond, Patriots Gazette, a less than reputable online news publication came to the defense of the woke candidate. They claimed that Evans’ paper is “just another white paper written by a student trying to graduate from school from 10 years ago.” The Gazette also states Evans’ essay “never mentions anything about defunding the police.”

It should come as no surprise that The Patriots Gazette – who has published multiple attack pieces on Dr. McCormick – got the story wrong. The owner of H&F Strategies, Jake’s social media team, is also the owner of The Patriots Gazette. 

But the Introduction of the Evans’ manifesto, which was published in 2015, contradicts that timeline by providing his graduation year and current employment when penning the radical essay:

Jake Evans is an associate at the law firm of Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith. Mr. Evans‘ practice focuses on complex civil litigation and corporation compliance. Mr. Evans graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law cum laude in 2012, after completing his B.A. summa cum laude in 2009 at the University of Georgia. Mr. Evans is a frequent author and publisher of articles surveying novel legal issues for academics and practitioners alike.

As for the Defund the Police statement in question, it’s in the Introduction – not as a citation – but as the words of the author:

“the United States government must improve public education by reallocating public funding from the criminal justice system to the public education system.”

“Fake Jake Evans can sue and spend all he wants but the truth remains: He thinks the criminal justice system in America is racist and wants to defund the police,” said Al Chaul, Campaign Manager. “Jake’s a fake and he’s too woke for Georgia.”