Activist Lawyer Jake Evans Refuses To Denounce His Radical Manifesto, Call To Defund the Police

Evans silent after woke agenda exposed 

Earlier this week, a rambling, radical manifesto written by 6th Congressional District candidate, Jake Evans, was exposed in which the activist lawyer railed against America’s criminal justice system and called for law enforcement to be defunded. Since then, Evans has refused to distance himself from the 23-page essay, which was published in the University of Miami Race and Social Justice Law Review when he was a practicing attorney, 3 years after graduating from the University of Georgia Law School.

“For months, Jake Evans has tried to convince voters of the 6th Congressional District that he’s actually a conservative but his own words reveal his radical views,” said Al Chaul, Campaign Manager. “From calling the criminal justice system racist to publicly joining the Defund the Police movement, Jake Evans is too woke for Georgia. He’s a fake conservative and his silence this week affirms it.”

Here are a few excerpts from Jake Evans’ woke manifesto:

 “Racism is more insidious than ever, existing as an invisible force perpetuating pernicious racial disparities. No area is more laden with racial disparities than the criminal justice system.”

“Through police arrest and investigation discretion, prosecutorial charge selection, and jury and judge conviction and sentencing, the criminal justice system provides opportunities for racial prejudices to influence the administration of justice.” 

“The United States government must improve public education by reallocating public funding from the criminal justice system to the public education system.”

“From the days of slavery, through the civil rights movement, whites have heralded themselves as innately superior to other races.”