Rich is wholly invested in supporting his family, serving with faith, and building a community. Rich believes that investing in the youth of America is an investment in the future.

He has been active in youth ministry for over 20 years. As a physician and student leader, he has seen how human trafficking and sexual abuse has devastated not just families, but entire communities. Domestic violence is a reality that Dr. McCormick treats all too often and he recognizes the need to support outreach and advocacy groups throughout the district.

As an ER doctor, Dr. McCormick has treated too many overdose victims and seen too many lives devastated by drug addiction. As the head of the Polypharmacy Multidisciplinary Committee at Camp Lejeune Naval Medical Center, he wrote and helped enforce policy that reduced the number of concerning polysubstance abusers by over 65% in one year.

Dr. McCormick is prepared to tackle the tough challenges facing our community by:

  • Combating opioid abuse and help those struggling with addictions find treatment
  • End the scourge of human trafficking and punish traffickers
  • Protect life at every stage, from the unborn to the infirm.

Georgia is the frontline.Join the team.