Dr. Rich McCormick believes two things can and must be true: law and order is and must be the bedrock of our Republic; all men are created equally and should be treated as such under the law.

Safety for our businesses and homes is a top priority for Rich McCormick. He vigorously opposes defunding the police as it would lead to a dramatic increase in violent crime.

Dr. McCormick is working around the clock to make certain that federal, state, and local law enforcement have the resources and training required to combat the flow of illegal drugs, stop criminal gangs, and end human trafficking.

He is fighting to end Biden’s open-door policies to illegal immigrants and deport those who have been shipped to our communities.

  • Fully Fund and Support Law Enforcement
  • Build the Wall and Rid Our Communities of Illegal Immigrants
  • Hold Violent Criminals and Drug Pushers Accountable for their Crimes

Georgia is the frontline.Join the team.