Sanity in Healthcare Restored

Dr. Rich McCormick is in his third year of serving on the frontlines in the emergency room to combat COVID. Through it all, he has followed the ACTUAL science, not the pandemic fears, and called out ridiculous mask and vaccine mandates – making him the enemy of the left.

And as a practicing physician, Rich knows that our healthcare system is the best in the world and that the last thing we can afford is the Joe Biden-Bernie Sanders single-payer healthcare scheme. Not only will it ADD $32 trillion to our tax burden over the next ten years, but it will also destroy 160 million private health insurance plans and reduce access to quality healthcare.

To fix healthcare and make it more affordable and sane again, it’s time to send a physician to DC. In Congress, Rich will champion patient-centered healthcare solutions to:

  • End Restrictions on those who have immunity (Vaccines are a choice)
  • Create Pricing transparency to force prices down through competition
  • Allow hospital visitations without unfair restrictions
  • 100% pro-life doctor
  • End Mask Mandates – Everywhere!
  • Stop Biden’s Socialized Medicine Schemes that Would Eliminate 160 Million Insurance Plans
  • Slash Federally-mandated Paperwork that Robs Doctors of Time with Patients
  • Allow Patients to Choose What is Best for Them and Their Family

Georgia is the frontline.Join the team.