Healthcare Reformed

We have the best healthcare system in the world. The survival rate of heart attacks and strokes in the U.S. far outpaces any other system. The problem is that the price of healthcare has quickly become unaffordable. We spend about 1/5 of our taxes on Healthcare already, not counting your premiums which have likely increased by over double since the “Affordable Care Act” was passed. To add insult to injury, your deductibles may have increased and about half of all Americans have had to deal with surprise billing. If we go to a single-payer (government-run) system, we would ADD about $32 trillion to our tax burden in the next 10 years while eliminating choice and around 160 million private health insurance plans.

Dr. McCormick is absolutely dedicated to covering pre-exisiting conditions, the lack of coverage for these individuals is harmful to both patients and the ability for doctors to effectively treat their illnesses. As an emergency physician who treats patients regardless of their insurance status, Dr. Rich McCormick is intimately familiar with the costs of healthcare and understands that a single-payer healthcare system would be the biggest step the nation could take toward socialism. In Canada, a single payer system, the average wait to see a specialist after being diagnosed is over 21 weeks and getting worse every year. Dr. McCormick understands the limitations to this system and will fight to keep the best practices while eliminating waist and administrative costs that make our system unaffordable.

To fix healthcare and make it more affordable and accessible, it’s time to send a physician to DC. In Congress, Rich will champion patient-centered healthcare solutions to:

  • Protect those with pre-existing conditions
  • End surprise medical billing
  • Slash federally-mandated paperwork that robs physicians of time with patients
  • Oppose Medicare for All that would eliminate 160 million private insurance plans

Georgia's 7th District is the frontline.Join the team.