Opportunity Restored

Raised by a single mother, Dr. Rich McCormick got his first job in middle school as a paperboy and by the age of 15 became a bus boy and cook. Rich worked his way through college and was commissioned an officer in the Marine Corps. He then obtained an MBA while attending night school and through hard work, was able to continue his pursuit of the American Dream. Eventually he went to medical school and is now an Emergency Medicine Physician.

Rich wants to ensure that children from all backgrounds have that same opportunities. As a congressman, he will work to empower the private sector that powers upward mobility and income while fighting the slide towards socialism. He will champion jobs and income creating legislation to:

  • Provide real tax relief for middle class families
  • Remove unnecessary regulation that limit growth with no benefit 
  • Promote entrepreneurship and innovation to grow the economy

Georgia's 7th District is the frontline.Join the team.